Adding a dose of creativity can make any day brighter. So could it be time to practice and develop a new skill?

We’ve featured some of our favourite creative outlets below – like sketching, colouring, hand-lettering, paper crafts and writing – along with some tools to get you started.

We’ve declared October a ‘month of learning’ at NoteMaker. We hope to inspire you to try a new craft, read a new book or simply learn something new!


Get sketching at NoteMaker

Starting with a blank page and drawing can be immensely satisfying – and frustrating whilst you practice! You might like to take a class or simply grab a sketchbook and place yourself in front of some inspiration, whether it’s a beautiful view or a single object.

Find sketching tools at NoteMaker.


Start colouring at NoteMaker

If your brain isn’t quite wired with the inspiration to sketch from scratch, colouring can provide a fun and colourful outlet. Play with various shades, get creative and have some fun.

Find coloured pencils at NoteMaker.


Learn Calligraphy with NoteMaker tools

Calligraphy is truly special, evoking a sense of history and the beauty of the written word. To get started you’ll need the right tools: pens, nibs, papers, inks, markers, which provide the tools to experiment, create and explore the true potential of calligraphy.

Read our post on how to get started with calligraphy and hand-lettering.

Find calligraphy tools at NoteMaker.


Explore lettering at NoteMaker

There is lots of fun to be had with hand-lettering, which is essentially drawing, but with letters as your subjects. Tombow’s Dual Brush Pens come in a range of colours including a colourless blender, which softens and blends colours, creating a watercolour effect.

Find lettering tools at NoteMaker.


Lose yourself in crafts at NoteMaker

There is so much to explore in the world of paper craft, but we particularly like what you can achieve with a simple product like washi tape. MT Masking Tape have a huge variety of colours, patterns and sizes to inspire you.

Find Mt Masking Tape at NoteMaker.


Tell a story at NoteMaker

If you lean toward being the storytelling type, this could be the time to try some regular writing to build your skills. Daily journalling or simply trying your hand at short stories is a great way to start. All you need is a comfortable pen and notebook to fill throughout the month.

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Find inspiration on our month of learning at NoteMaker.